How did HCCIG begin?

Back in the year 2000, three implantees from North London decided there was a need to set up an informal group for cochlear implant users, their families, friends and people awaiting implantation to exchange information on all aspects of implants.

From 2003 it became a Charity in order to raise funds to promote activities that enabled prospective implantees to meet representatives of all the manufacturers and occasionally medical staff or others to get those questions answered that were missed at the hospital appointment!

Much information is now available online of course, which wasn’t the case 20 years ago so from 1 January 2020 the Trustees agreed to wind up its Charitable status and revert to being just a social group under the banner of the NCIUA.

Jenny Burdge, Chair of the group will continue to update members of latest developments and advice from manufacturers, UCHL cochlear implant centre and other affiliated bodies. It’s also worth noting that HCCIG members are invited from time to time to get involved in assisting in trials like Telemedicine and giving feedback to research projects in UK Universities or to public bodies that promote accessibility in theatres and so on. This makes a valuable contribution of itself but also allows members to be kept abreast of new innovations and what the future holds that as individuals we might miss. If you’d like to join us then please contact Jenny at hccigs@gmail.com Membership is free and you will receive details of our meetings which take place at venues in Central London.

Stop Press: All events have been cancelled under the Lockdown arising from Covid-19 pandemic and this website will be closed down soon so it’s recommended you also join NCIUA to keep in touch with on-going developments or to find links with manufacturers and other bodies.