Redressing the deaf/hearing balance Part II

People say ‘silence is golden’ without really understanding just why that is: it’s a platitude. Far from it being odd for us to consider the quality of silence, we deaf people don’t just live intimately with it, we inhabit it, and return to it when we take the old CI or HA off. It’s an odd thing, really, to inhabit two worlds not simultaneously, but alternately, and in the same body, and the thought has occurred to me that it is really almost a Jekyll and Hyde dichotomy: hearing within normal range with a CI, but deaf as a post when you take it off. You’ve got to be able to negotiate the two states equally since you spend about a third to a half of your life being deaf (it is mostly asleep, admittedly, but you want silence in your waking hours sometimes just to get away from all the cacophony). Silence is a blessing when the brain wants a bit of a rest.


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