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New cochlear implant processor from Advanced Bionics

The next generation cochlear implant processor has been rolled out by Advanced Bionics, enhanced with Phonak’s high-performance hearing aid technology, achieving an industry first in bimodal technology. The processor will be launched in the UK within the next few weeks, … Continue reading

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I arrived early at HQ today for a meeting, settling myself down in the soft space with the latest in-house magazine and a coffee to warm my frozen mitts. READ ON

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Q&A: Sound after cochlear implant activation

I got activated on Dec 26, 2012. First I was very excited to hear beeps, sounds being heard through the implant. After the audiologist was done programming, she started to speak to me. To my disappointment, it sounded like a … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In my last post I alluded to the difficulties we have sometimes had with attending cultural performances, despite their advertised accessibility in whatever form. Some of these are a product of their times several years ago and our complaints have … Continue reading

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