The Magna Carta Peregrinations Continue

In this 800th anniversary year of Magna Carta, I have just been to a couple more of the the associated exhibitions, with the same friend each time (seeprevious post for review of Lincoln’s new display). I managed to catch the fantastic exhibition Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London before it closed on 31 July. This was a small but tightly focused and well-curated exhibition of three key Magna Carta documents: a copy based on a discarded draft sent to Peterborough Abbey in 1215, reproduced in a 13th century cartulary known as the Black Book of Peterborough; the beautifully written Halesowen Abbey Scroll which is a contemporary copy of the 1225 reissue of Magna Carta; and the 14th-century Hart Book of Statutes which likewise preserves a copy of the 1225 Magna Carta and demonstrates that the charter was now a key piece of legislation.


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