HCCIG have open meetings approximately twice a year , one of which is its AGM usually in September. This gives members and newcomers the chance to attend and listen to professional speakers on issues relevant to all cochlear implant users. It is also a unique opportunity for all to network and see the latest CI equipment and accessories.


HCCIG members, family and friends or new people interested in joining have the opportunity to meet in a more informal setting another 6 times a year. These events are primarily social allowing members to share any issues they may have with their implants to pick up tips and advice on how to resolve them.  They also provide an opportunity for people considering implants to talk to those who already have one get some questions answered and see for themselves the difference they make!

Please do come along and join us, you are most welcome.


Regular outings are also arranged. In the last few years this has included canal trips, a West End show, visit to Hertford Castle with medieval fete, BBQs and pub lunches. Future dates are advertised in Magnetise. Check back here for upcoming events.

Christmas Lunch

at Carluccio’s, Covent Garden, WC2E 9BH

Saturday 1st December 2018 from 1pm.

Contact Jenny Burdge for booking form at

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Christmas at Kew Gardens

Christmas at Kew - Palm House

9th December 2018: 6:20pm

We are going to enjoy the winter trail, sup mulled wine or cider, see the light and water displays dance to classical music that we will hear and get into the festive spirit.  If you want to join the party then contact Jenny at

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